The Wedding of Kurt and Alice

27 March, 2021

It’s no secret that your wedding day is arguably the most important day of your life.  Within that, the catering you choose may just be the most integral decision you’ll make in the lead up to your special event. Take our most recent wedding of Kurt and Alice as an indication of how your catering is going to roll out. In a brave new world, we are redefining the stale wedding menu from days of old. Inviting a fresh take on traditional lamb shanks and lobster risotto, the cuisine from Kurt and Alice’s wedding will undoubtedly be talked about by their guests for years to come. “These days it is very hard to find a company as professional and friendly as the European Catering team. Every guest could not believe the quality of food. I have travelled the world and eaten at many of the finest restaurants, but nothing has ever been as special as what you delivered on Saturday for our wedding. Your team made our day amazing, and we really appreciate all your hard work into making that happen.” ~ Kurt and Alice For the couple who are in search of elegant, exquisite food, that gloriously exceeds any of their taste expectations, this…

The wedding of Kurt and Alice

5 June, 2017

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The wedding of Kurt and Alice

30 March, 2017

How to cook the perfect steak. Absolutely delicious.

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